“With Subconscious Mind Programming You Can Attract…

  • Success
  • Wealth
  • Your Dream Job
  • Your Soul Mate
  • A Cure For Disease
  • And Much More”


mind-powerHello friends.  My name is Todd Wissler, also known as “The e-Mind Power Coach”.

Have you ever thought how great it would be if all you had to do to get something you wanted was to simply IMAGINE you already had it?  When you learn Subconscious Mind Programming that’s pretty much how it works…not making things you want appear like magic, but using your Mind Power to attract them.

You can also use Subconscious Mind Programming to rid yourself of things such as disease and even prevent disease from starting in the first place.  But in order to attract things you want and rid yourself of what you don’t want you have to know how the Subconscious Mind thinks.

You don’t have to learn how to acquire Subconscious Mind Power.  You already have it. You were created with it.  You just have to learn how to use it.

Why Mind Power Fails

However…one of the things that I bring to the topic of Mind Power, or Self Improvement, or Self Empowerment, or Personal Transformation, or Positive Thinking that’s different from what all the established Gurus say is this:  NOTHING will ever help you improve your life if you are dealing with what I call… “The Universal Law That Trumps All Others”.  And if you have fallen victim to it – probably without knowing it – it will keep you struggling in life until you uncover what it is and resolve it.

Until you do, whatever you try to improve your life…from Mind Power, The Law of Attraction, Hypnosis, Positive Thinking, learning how to set and achieve goals, reading every self help book you can get your hands on (except mine, of course), attending every success seminar you can find,  even traditional therapy with Psychologists or Psychiatrists…NOTHING will allow you to have the life you want until you eliminate from your psyche “The Universal Law That Trumps All others”.

So before you try to learn Subconscious Mind Programming — or anything else you hope will lead you to a life of success and happiness — I strongly suggest you first find out if you’re dealing with the Universal Law that no other Mind Power expert is talking about. If you don’t determine that first, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.  I know that from personal experience.  Had I learned I was a victim of this Law before I tried everything I could find to improve my life I would have ended my losing ways about 25 years sooner…and saved a lot of money.

To find out if Subconscious Mind Programming can take your life to incredible heights — even if it hasn’t been that great so far — or if you are doomed to a life of struggling because you’re dealing with this Law — click the following link which will take you to a page where you can download my  FREE report “Can Mind Power Make You A Success Or Are You Doomed To A Life Of  Failing”.  The 10-page report will give you the answer in about 10 minutes.

Please click the following link to begin learning how to Unleash Your Mind Power.

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